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In an unprecedented act of cooperation, a meeting was held in 1992 between representatives of the U.S. Department of Labor, the Insurance industry and Safe-Stride. The purpose of the meeting was to see what they could do to prevent occupational injury and illness for the millions of employees who work for small businesses. They realized that small businesses cannot justify full time safety personnel or the extensive safety programs which large corporations have in place.

They targeted six industries including the Food Service Industry and. selected the State of Georgia for their pilot program They called it "Project Safe Georgia".

Mr. Lawrence Schwab, the Director of Loss Control for State Farm Insurance Company became the leader of the Restaurant task Force. Ten large insurance companies sent Mr. Schwab 230,000 workers' compensation claims for the restaurant industry. Mr. Schwab had his staff analyze these claims and list them as to frequency of incident and amount of dollars paid out for each category.

Theslip fall injury was determined to be the most expensive injury and accounted for forty one cents of every dollars paid out on workers' compensation claims.

Recognizing that Safe-Stride was the leading company in floor safety, Mr. Schwab invited the company to participate in the pilot program. Safe-Stride is the leading company in floor safety!

Safe-Stride was assigned six units of a restaurant chain in Atlanta, Georgia. The company installed it's Slip Resistive Safety Floor Solution and provided the units with Safe-Stride Shp Resistive Cleaner / De Greasers.

At the conclusion of the six month test the results were measured against the six months previous to the test. The Safe-Stride Safety Floor Program reduced the dollars paid out for workers' compensation claims by over ninety five percent.

Many other businesses who utilize, the Safe-Stride program experience the same results. Savings of over ninety percent are commonplace.

We create non slip floors for floor safety and so you will have safe floors.

We create non slip floors for floor safety and so you will have safe floors

Safe-Stride is the leading company in floor safety. We create non slip floors for floor safety and so you will have safe floors.